Get To Know Us

Dr. Ahmed Elenany

Founder, CEO
Ahmed is an Experienced Media consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the commercial and political consulting. He has worked with Governments, Corporates and NGOs in an advisory capacity. Ahmed is an entrepreneur with interest in disrupting technologies such as DeFi and Blockchain technologies. He believes in the capability of these revolutionary technologies in changing the world.

Bashar Mohammad

Co-founder, CFO
Bashar is a financier and strategist who partners with CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, unlock potentials and explore new markets. Bashar moved into Investment, Financing, Guarantees and Insurance industry in the public sector, and worked for the biggest Government ECA in the world, combining his experience in private sector and digital transformation with public sector and governmental expertise.

Grey Jabesi


Alex Amartei


Lara Assi

Director of Public Relations
Lara is a self-made entrepreneur who has extensive experience in multiple industries across the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, where she harnessed and maintained a strong contact base with diversified stakeholders. With a track record of established PR and Media departments in numerous start-ups, Lara brings her enthusiasm and savviness into the Metaverse, because one world is not enough.

Alaa Aljbour

Government Relations
Alaa leads the governmental relations department at Egora, and works tirelessly in enhancing and expanding Egora’s regional reach with a background in Military, public and private sectors. Consulting in a legislative, governmental, and official capacity, Alaa helps business navigate through unchartered territories.

Farah Hashem

Director of Communications
Farah is the Director of Communications at Egora, with extensive experience in launching and maintaining online presence, monitoring and analyzing digital marketing campaigns, and managing sustainable growth, with a special focus on the MENA region. Farah is passionate about tech, the blockchain, and sports, and is a strong advocate of women empowerment and the LGBTQ+ community – believing in the power of diversity and inclusivity.

Ahmed Khairy

Business Advisor

Mohamed Betity

Regional Manager Africa