About us


As the MEA region advances into digital innovation and emerging technologies, there is a growing urgency and importance in recognizing the position that the region holds in steering the progress of blockchain and digital assets in the world.


Egora believes in the power the Middle East and Africa hold in steering the progress of the metaverse and digital assets in the world. With the new global technological revolution, the blockchain will have a considerable impact on emerging economies, increasing financial inclusion of individuals and companies.

The virtual economy is on the cusp of a massive, rapid, and pervasive expansion into our day to day existence. By bringing the blockchain know-how and financial expertise to the region, Egora will allow today’s concept of money to transcend, and surmount the new technological wave to those excluded.


Egora aims to lead the new technological revolution in the Middle East and Africa, increasing the financial inclusion of those marginalised, and cementing local pioneers in the virtual economy.

We believe that with the power of decentralisation comes freedom of speech, enhanced distribution of government services, and anti-corruption activities.

About us

We are a team of creative Arab entrepreneurs who are easing access to a source of income that comes with entertainment. We are lowering the barrier of entry to the gaming world, and making it accessible with no collateral needed to play!